Education & Student Services (Committee III), Member    Inner City Advisory Committee  Vancouver District Student Council  VSB Advocacy Commitee   
Finance & Legal (Committee V), ChairManagement Co-ordinating (Committee I), Member  Education & Student Services (Committee III), Member District Parents Advisory Council (DPAC) Liaison, Vice-Chair  Sustainability Advisory Committee, Vice-Chair  Active Transportation (ACT) Advisory Committee, Vice-Chair  
Planning and Facilities (Committee II), Chair Management Co-ordinating, Vice-Chair  Finance & Legal (Committee V), Member Education & Student Services (Committee III), Member   Finance & Legal (Committee V), Member   Employment Equity Advisory   
Education & Student Services (Committee III), Member   Finance & Legal (Committee V), Member   Personnel & Staff Services (Committee IV), Vice Chair   Inner City Advisory Committee  
Personnel & Staff Services (Committee IV), ChairManagement Co-ordinating (Committee I), MemberEducation & Student Services (Committee III), MemberMulti-Culturalism and Anti-Racism Advisory Committee
Education & Student Services (Committee III), ChairPersonnel & Staff Services (Committee IV), MemberManagement Co-ordination (Committee I),MemberSpecial Education Advisory CommitteeGifted Education Advisory Committee
Management Co-ordinating (Committee 1), ChairPlanning & Facilities (Committee II), MemberEducation & Student Services (Committee III), MemberPersonnel & Staff Services (Committee IV), MemberAboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement Implementation and Monitoring Committee (AEEA I&M)Pride Committee
Education & Student Services (Committee III), Vice-ChairPlanning & Facilities (Committee II), MemberEnglish Language Learning Advisory  CommitteeGifted Education Advisory Committee
Planning & Facilities (Committee II), Vice-ChairFinance & Legal (Committee V), Vice-ChairModern Languages Advisory Committee
Student Trustee representative of the Vancouver District Students’ Council.