Community School Team Hubs

community school team hubs

Each team includes a Community Schools Coordinator, Youth and Family Worker, and Programmer(s)

CSTs are given guidance and direction at the local level through CST Governance meetings which are held a minimum of three times per year.  Attendees at these meetings are typically CST staff, school administrators, district staff and in some cases community partners.  The purpose of these meetings is to provide direction to CST staff, provide an opportunity for dialogue regarding community issues affecting student vulnerability, and determine support plans.

Ongoing needs analysis are conducted in community and in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders to be able to respond to the unique needs of the community. 

CST hubs map

Partnerships are essential to the work of the Community Schools Teams. Our Partners span the continuum of local-grass roots Non-Government Organizations to National Non Profits as well as private sector and government agencies. All partnerships result in an impact, from funding initiatives, to collaborative planning, to the provision of in-kind supports and services. We are proud to be nurturing over 200 distinct partnerships within the Community School Team mandate.