Design Principles for VSB Educational Buildings

VSB building design reflects 21st Century learning needs by supporting the BC Educational Plan and the VSB Core Purpose.  


It is our collective responsibility as a school district to ensure the highest quality of learning for all students, with a focus on student engagement, learning, and development in a safe, inclusive environment.

BC Educational Plan

 Learning is truly a life-long endeavour. It happens along a continuum – not in separate educational programs. Intellectual development goes hand-in-hand with physical, social and emotional   development. No two children will develop in all four domains at exactly the same pace, but there are generally accepted milestones along the way. Many attributes of early learning can be fostered through life – curiosity, a sense of personal well-being, thinking and reasoning, creativity and a zest for life and learning.

However, with personalized learning there will be increased emphasis on competencies. By applying their skills and knowledge in new, often interdisciplinary situations, learners will develop competencies such as:

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving  
  • Collaboration and leadership 
  • Communication and digital literacy
  • Personal and social responsibility 
  • Creativity and innovation 
  • Global and cultural understanding*

Link to the VBE Design Principles pdf

VBE Policy FB and FB-R2003