Kitsilano Secondary School

Kitsilano Secondary
Seismic/Replacement Schools
2550 W 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6K 2J6
49° 15' 46.89" N, 123° 9' 49.014" W

Renewing Kitsilano Secondary


The Kitsilano Secondary Seismic Renewal Plan includes: retention of the 1927 historic elevation, a and new 21st Century teaching and learning environment, including a gym built to post-disaster (structural) standards, and Neighbourhood Learning Centre space for school and community use which include 350-seat theatre, three gyms,  weight room and meeting rooms.

For further information call VSB Planning and Facilities at 604 713-5254.

Update 1

Kitsilano Secondary is Under Construction

View From Trafalgar Street

School Interior Spaces

Heritage Hall                                      Gym Looking North

Street of Learning Looking North            Street of Learning Looking South

Update 2

Detailed Facility Planning 

VSB awards contract to Bouygues Building Canada

On August 27, 2013 the Vancouver School Board announced the award of a fixed-price contract to Bouygues Building Canada to design and build the Kitsilano Secondary School Renewal project. With an estimated project cost of $62.2 million, the completed school will provide students, teachers and the local community with a modern, sustainable and seismically safe facility. The team will begin work in the fall, with completion expected in time for the 2017 school year. See link VSB News Release for more information.

Open House - August 1, 2013

A public open house was held at the Kitsilano School gym on August 1st 2013 from 4-8pm to provide an update on the renewal process and present elements of the proponent submissions.

Open House - June 27, 2012

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to come to the Open House. 

Open House Boards

Ministry Announcement - October 2011

The Province announced that Kitsilano Secondary School will be renewed through a $57.8 million restoration project. See the Ministry of Education News Release link for more information.

Update 3

Development of the Draft Concept Design Plan - Project Definition Report Phase

Capital Project Bylaw - December 14, 2010

The Board Trustees approved a capital project bylaw – Option D2. For more information see the staff memo Capital Project Bylaw for Kitsilano Secondary Seismic Renewal Concept D2 and the District News article.

Board Meeting - July 5, 2010

The Board confirmed Concept D2 as the preferred development option. Click here to see the meeting minutes.

Committee II - June 22, 2010

All three concepts (A2, D2 and F) were presented to the VSB at the June 22, 2010 Planning Committee II meeting. The Consultant Team presented a report that recommends support for a preferred school renewal concept that will incorporate key heritage elements (D2).

Open House - March 3, 2010

The Open House was well attended, with an estimated 225 people visiting. More than 177 people submitted comment forms either at the Open House or in the week following.

The feedback is documented in the Kitsilano Secondary School Renewal Plan Open House Summary and an associated Appendix - Comment Form Responses and Other Written Responses.

As result of the feedback, a variety of work has been generated by the consultant team and shared with the Kitsilano School Planning Team. This is documented in the Open House Issues & Responses and an associated Appendix, which includes a set of plans and illustrations of key ideas.

Developing the Concept Options

The Project Consultant Team developed the proposed concepts and the accompanying materials with input from the  VSB Steering Committee, Kitsilano School Planning Team (KSPT), Kits staff and students.

Meeting Minutes

Newsletter Updates

Kitsilano Secondary Vision Summary - February 2009

The creation of the Vision was an opportunity for staff, parents of Kits and feeder schools, students, alumni and other community members to come together, obtain information, engage in discussion, and share their ideas for the Kits seismic upgrade and school renewal process. The vision is a starting point for planning a renewed school.

The Project Charter - November 2008

The Project Charter is a project management document that identifies how the Vancouver School Board and consultants CitySpaces Consulting Ltd. will work together to meet the project objectives, critical success factors, address potential issues or constraints, and bring the project components together in a Draft Capital Project Agreement.

Update 4

Neighbourhood Learning Centre Initiative

The Neighbourhood Learning Centres initiative is part of the Provincial Seismic Mitigation Program.  The initiative encourages community partners to share space within the renewed school facility. The Ministry of Education will provide additional space as part of the capital project to accommodate community services. Partner agencies are expected to provide their own operational funds and are encouraged to contribute capital funding where possible. For more information see Ministry of Education website for additional background information.