David Thompson secondary celebrates 10th anniversary of sister school relationship with Yokohama Science Frontier High School

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Consul-General of Japan Asako Okai was one of many special guests at a reception in the David Thompson library recently. Thompson and Yokohama Science Frontier High School are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their sister-school exchange program. Students from this year’s exchange were the guests of honour.

The Japan exchange program is in keeping with the spirit of the school’s namesake. David Thompson was, among other things, a widely travelled map maker and surveyor. From him comes the school’s motto Quoque Exploremus, which translates to “Let Us Also Explore” -- a resolve to make every effort to know and be known by others. 

Sharon Huey, David Thompson teacher and Japan exchange program director, believes the connection between the schools is enriching the lives of their learning communities. “Both schools are planting the seeds of mutual respect, peace, friendship and cooperation,” she says. “The hope is that with every exchange each participant will grow into mature and active citizens who will contribute and shape our world into a safe and better place to live.” 

10th Anniversary of sister-school exchange program