Joy Alexander named Vancouver Board of Education vice-chairperson

Board & Committees, Media Release

The Vancouver Board of Education has appointed Joy Alexander as its vice-chairperson and selected the chairperson for each of its standing committees. The new appointments were made on the recommendation of the board chairperson, Janet Fraser, following consultation with the other trustees.

In addition to chairing the full board, Fraser will chair the Management Co-ordinating Committee (Committee I). Alexander will be vice-chair of that committee, which will also feature Carrie Bercic, Lisa Dominato and Allan Wong.

Wong will chair the Planning and Facilities Committee (Committee II), with Judy Zaichkowsky as committee vice-chair and Ken Clement, Dominato and Fraser as members.

All nine trustees will sit on the Education and Student Services Committee (Committee III), which Alexander will chair, with Estrellita Gonzalez as vice-chair.

Bercic will chair the Personnel and Staff Services Committee (Committee IV), with Clement as vice-chair and Fraser Ballantyne, Gonzalez and Zaichkowsky as members.

The Finance and Legal Committee (Committee V) will be chaired by Dominato. Wong will be vice-chair and Alexander, Ballantyne and Clement will be members.

Vancouver Board of Education has also appointed trustees to school liaison positions and other committees.

"As the Chair of the recently elected Board of Education, I am pleased to move forward with the trustee appointments as we are already two months into the school year," says Fraser. "We can now take on our committee and school liaison roles to fully support students and the school communities we serve. We look forward to a productive year in office."  

The full list of appointments are available in the following attachments:

2017 Vancouver Board of Education standing committees

2017 Vancouver Board of Education trustee – school liaisons

2017 Vancouver Board of Education committee representatives to the VBE and other committees, and trustee representatives to other organizations