Kitsilano Secondary debuts original student-led romantic comedy movie The Sixth Kiss on June 6

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At 6:06 pm on June 6, the new auditorium at Kitsilano Secondary will host the premiere of The Sixth Kiss, a romantic comedy written by staff and students and edited, filmed, performed and directed by students. The movie, about a student and his crazy theory about kisses, will run for two weeks.

The movie was put together by Kitsilano students with the collaboration of the school’s theatre department, led by teacher Ryan Parker, and the film department, led by teacher Scott Ramsay. Students in the program work on productions throughout the school year, taking turns on stage, backstage, in set design, costumes, hair and makeup, lighting, audio and more.

This is the third year of a collaboration between Parker and Ramsay, bringing the two artistic elements together for a major production. Previously they produced 18 episodes of a television drama. Parker says they plan to enter The Sixth Kiss into nine film festivals and competitions across Canada.

The story follows Silas Lieman and Principal Donaldson over the course of six days in June. Silas is a grade 9 student who gets into trouble at school while trying to stop a kiss from happening. Once caught, Silas must spend the week at lunch with Mr. Donaldson and try and convince him of his crazy theory about the sixth kiss and its importance. What happens when Silas gets closer to his sixth kiss as Mr. Donaldson finds the theory creeping into his personal life outside of school?

“The students were able to work with amateur and professional actors on set in the adult roles to also learn what level of acting and professionalism is required on a movie set,” says Parker. “Students use professional cinema cameras as well as other audio and lighting equipment to create their professional look.” This film features the work on and off screen of more than a hundred Kitsilano students.

“Each year the program grows with more students wanting to get behind the camera and create professional films and productions,” says Parker. “A new crop of junior students are now being unveiled at Kitsilano with this production.

The new Kitsilano theatre uses cinema projectors and retractable seating to accommodate over 350 people each show. After the premiere on Wednesday, The Sixth Kiss will air June 7-8 and June 13-15 at 7pm each night. Plans are already underway for a DVD release after the film festivals.