New Secretary Treasurer up to the challenge

Schools & Students

VSB’s new Secretary Treasurer has moved from east to west in his career, but while the BC lifestyle gets his thumbs up, the baseball and football fan remains a die-hard East Coast supporter. 

“The West Coast is a wonderful place to live,” says former Newfoundlander David Green, who stepped into the role of Secretary Treasurer for Vancouver School Board in September. “But for me, the East Coast represents family, the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots.” 

Green came to Vancouver from a similar role with the Langley School District, where he’d been for seven years. Prior to that role, he worked as Secretary Treasurer for the Nanaimo School District for eight years. 

“In Nanaimo, we worked on a detailed long-term facilities plan, which was one of the first in the province, but it was a difficult process,” says Green. “When I went to Langley, the challenge was to help them get the deficit under control, and get the district back into a place of good governance, good management and good fiscal responsibility.  

“I’ve always thought the Vancouver Secretary Treasurer’s job was the most challenging one in the province, so I decided to take the challenge,” he adds. “I’m looking forward to working with the new Board, and to VSB building a new senior management team. I think I can contribute to the district, and it’s something I’m willing to take on at this stage of my career.” 

He says that the board needs to get back to working on what’s important. “There’s a real opportunity to change things here, and I think the lessons from the previous board will serve us well,” he adds. “VSB needs to have a change in the culture of the district. I can bring my experience to that by working with the Board, the district leadership team and all the partner groups to refocus the discussion back to the kids.”  

Green spent the first part of his career working in finance roles for a publicly traded company in the fishing industry in the 1980s and 1990s.  

For Green, the biggest difference he saw moving from private enterprise to the public sector was a different focus, no longer on the bottom line but on the provision of service, supporting students and educators. But there were many similarities too. 

“Accounting is accounting,” he notes. “The ability to supply leadership to an organization is the same. There were a lot of acronyms I had to get used to, though.”  

Green enjoys the West Coast lifestyle, taking up kayaking, enjoying golf, and gardening. And while he says he doesn’t miss the Newfoundland weather, with three children and five grandchildren still on the East Coast, he travels back to see family a couple times a year. And maybe even catch a Red Sox game.