Pilot project to speed up teacher recruitment

Media Release, Schools & Students

A pilot project to speed up the hiring of on call teachers is being launched by Vancouver School Board, recruitment website Make a Future and the British Columbia Public School Employers’ Association.

VSB’s Employee Services department has been working overtime since the spring to meet an unprecedented need to hire teachers, with more than 600 new teachers required in the district this year because of retirements, resignations and the implementation of the memorandum of agreement between the province and the BC Teachers’ Federation regarding class size and composition. The memorandum of agreement has prompted a province-wide hiring frenzy that has increased the movement of teachers between districts and depleted on call teacher lists. On call teachers provide coverage in the event that regular teachers are unavailable.

The district has been working with its hiring partner Make a Future on ways to expedite the recruitment and hiring process. Through the pilot project, Make a Future will provide direct support and resources to the district to identify and screen teacher candidates for the on call list.

The support from Make a Future will enable VSB’s recruitment staff to focus their time and attention on the task of hiring teachers for specific school vacancies and other student support positions. This pilot process will extend to other districts that face similar challenges in recruitment and hiring.

“Our Employee Services team have been working diligently to recruit new teachers but the unprecedented need for new teachers this year has been a huge challenge,” says VSB official trustee Dianne Turner. “I’m delighted we have been able to reach an agreement with Make a Future to help facilitate the recruitment of teachers teaching on call and free up our staff to focus on meeting the specific teaching needs of schools and student support positions.”