Students across the district encouraged to make lots of noise in The Great Big Crunch

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On Thursday, March 1 groups of students from 14 Vancouver elementary schools joined kids across the country in celebrating the Great Big Crunch or la Grande croquée. At exactly 11:30 am/PST, 2:30 pm/EST participants took big, loud bites of a fresh, crisp fruit or vegetable and the resulting crunch was heard from coast to coast to coast.

The idea of the annual Great Big Crunch is to promote affordable high-quality fresh food and healthy snacking. It is an initiative of FoodShare, a non-profit organization that works with communities and schools to deliver healthy food and food education.

In Mme. Christen’s kindergarten class at L’École Bilingue, the students took the opportunity to do apple-centered activities. Before the Big Crunch, they drew and sang about apples, learning the French words to describe them – round/rond, sweet/doux, red/rouge. Out on the playground when the special moment came, they took turns to see who could chomp the noisiest bite. When they got down to the cores, they counted seeds and then it was off to the compost with any leftovers.

Great Big Crunch 2018