Summer renewal - grounds and facilities staff spruce up schools

Schools & Students

If you thought the summer break was a quiet time for schools, think again. July and August were a busy time for Vancouver School Board’s facilities and grounds staff, who took advantage of the absence of students and teachers to work on the buildings and fields. Here is a small sample of the work they did this summer.


The floor at Strathcona Elementarywas given a new lease of life. 


VSB’s talented painters added a new school logo to the gym floor at Killarney Secondary.


The windows were replaced at Mackenzie Elementary.


There was a lighting upgrade for Emily Carr Elementary(left) and classroom alterations were made at Mount Pleasant Elementary (right).


Here are the VSB grounds and workshop staff that were involved in the summer projects.


They used deep tine aeration equipment to help breath new life into fields (left) and the results were fields like this at one at Templeton Secondary.


Here is the change at Dickens Elementary over the summer.


A new irrigation system was installed at Queen Elizabeth Elementary (left) and planter boxes were built at Southlands Elementary (right).


The garden was cleaned up at University Hill Secondary (left), as was the courtyard at Waverley Elementary (right).


The playground surface was renewed at Shaughnessy Elementary (left) and Cavell Elementary (right).