Van Tech students keep a 65-year-old tradition active

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The large gym in Vancouver Technical Secondary reverberates with the pounding of runners scrambling back and forth across the floor, cheers from packed bleachers and the thumping base of loud dance music. There is lots of school spirit on display this rainy afternoon as all of Van Tech’s grade 10s are participating in the school’s 65th annual indoor track meet. In the morning, it was the grade 8s and 9s.

“It’s so heartwarming to watch, everyone is having such a good time,” says Elle, a grade 11 student from Angela Bigiolli’s leadership class, which helped PE teachers organize the meet. “I love seeing people compete. Everyone gets really excited.”

“There are twelve different, fun events, but they’re not your typical track events,” explains Angela Bigiolli. “Teams participate under house colours – red, black, green, blue, white and orange. Each student signs up for five or six events and then they rotate. It allows all the kids to take part in activities at the same time.”

Teacher Dorothy Leung found a picture in a 1953 yearbook announcing the first indoor meet. “It’s an event students still look forward to every year,” says Leung.

“It’s changed over time obviously, even in the twenty years I’ve been here,” remarks Bigiolli.

Participants talk about their favourite events including the circle relay, hop and drop and skittle feet. In skittle feet, competitors set up a skittle (small bowling pin) using only their feet. “It’s really fun, the competitiveness,” says one teen. “Everyone gets really intense,” says another. “This brings back memories of childhood in elementary school, kind of like another sports day,” adds a third. “With the whole school cheering you on, it’s really overwhelming in a good way,” concludes another.

Van Tech 65th Annual Indoor Track Meet