VBE Open to Proposals to Preserve General Gordon Old Schoolhouse

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VBE Open to Proposals to Preserve General Gordon Old Schoolhouse  

Vancouver – (March 7, 2016) – The Vancouver Board of Education voted unanimously to retain the General Gordon Elementary Outbuilding, better known as “the little yellow schoolhouse” on the condition that it does not delay occupancy of the new school for September 2016 and that an interested party comes forward with a proposal to fund the restoration and future use of the building.

Trustees heard from community members about their passion for heritage and also from members of the Gordon Elementary community about their desire for students to get back to the new school being constructed on schedule this fall.

The Board asked staff to issue an Expression of Interest for proponents to submit proposals by April 20, 2016 to retain and restore the yellow schoolhouse. Successful proponents would need to be responsible for all costs of planning, restoring and future maintenance of the building.

If no acceptable proposals come forward with a protocol agreement in place by May 10,2016 for retaining the schoolhouse jeopardizes occupancy of the school for September 2016 the Board will authorize demolition of the schoolhouse following communication with the community.

Mike Lombardi, Chair, Vancouver Board of Education: “We heard many creative ideas from the community about saving the little yellow schoolhouse. We now need groups or people who value heritage to come forward with the means to make that happen. VBE’s guiding mandate is to provide education for our students. We have made a commitment to get students at General Gordon into their new classrooms this fall and must follow through on that. We are also facing a significant budget shortfall and have to focus our funds in the best interest of education. We are hopeful that the creative energy of the community will result in a concrete proposal for a future use of the old schoolhouse.”

Interested parties may download the Gordon Little Yellow School House Expression of Interest and Proposal 


For more information, please contact:

Russell Horswill, DBA
Secretary Treasurer
Vancouver School Board