VSB recruitment teams at 12 career fairs in next few weeks

Schools & Students

VSB hiring teams are meeting prospective teachers at 12 career fairs across Canada in the next two months in a focused and enthusiastic effort to bring more teachers to the district. 

Hiring teams visited career fairs at Queen’s University in Kingston, the University of Victoria and UBC last week. Next week, they travel to the University of Alberta for fairs both for English and French language students, as well as fairs at the Universities of Calgary, Regina and Saskatoon, and McGill University in Montreal. The following week, they will be at the University of Ottawa’s Anglophone and Francophone fairs. They also plan to attend a large career fair in Toronto later this spring. 

VSB has great relationships with education programs, with 213 teaching candidates from UBC completing their teaching practicum this spring in a VSB school – 115 in secondary and 98 in elementary schools.

“We know that graduating teachers who do their teaching practicum in one of our schools are more likely to want to continue working at a VSB school, so these numbers are encouraging,” says Cheryl  Douglas, VSB’s manager of recruitment. 

In the past six weeks, VSB has hired 62 new teachers and 32 new student support workers. “We are making great progress in our hiring, but we still have some challenges,” says Douglas. “For some jobs requiring specific skills, such as French Immersion, Mandarin, special education, resource teachers and others, it is more difficult to find qualified candidates, but that’s why we’re expanding our recruitment efforts.” 

With demand for teachers high across the province, Douglas noted resignations from VSB have more than doubled as employees who live outside the city accept opportunities in other districts to work closer to home. However, recruitment teams have hired close to 600 teachers since last year. 

As of January 12, VSB had 34 unfilled teaching positions, substantially reduced from the 280 vacancies in August 2017, including 12 positions for French Immersion classroom and resource teachers. 

“We hope our efforts at these fairs, especially the French language teaching schools, will help us address the vacancies,” adds Douglas. “We are optimistic about being able to attract new teachers to what we know is a top-notch school district.”