VSB students excel at provincial competition for French public speaking

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Concours d'art oratoire is a national French public speaking competition, in which about 85,000 students participate each year across Canada. Student participants choose, develop and present a three-to-five minute speech in French on a subject or theme that interests them. 

The provincial competition is open to all students in grades 6 through 12 who are learning French. There are different categories for students in French Immersion, Core French and Francophone students. The speeches are judged by French-speaking volunteers. Students participate first in their own schools, then the top students move on to compete at the VSB’s district competition. Top students in that then move on to the provincial competition. For the top competitors in grade 12, there is also a national competition.

This year more than 10,000 students in grades six through 12 participated in the Concours in communities throughout BC, and 235 students participated in the Provincial Concours, including 14 from Vancouver.

This year, the 35th year the competition was held in BC, VSB had six provincial finalists and six provincial medal winners. Félicitations to all of VSB’s competitors and winners!

1st Place

  • Vanessa Schaefer, Grade 7 Early Immersion, Trafalgar Elementary, “Quand j’étais aveugle” 
  • Elior Desage, Grade 10 Francophone, Kitsilano Secondary, “Les animaux en captivité”
  • Simon Port, Grade 9 Francophone, Kitsilano Secondary, “La course vers Mars”
  • Samantha Kerr, Grade 12 Late Immersion, Kitsilano Secondary, “L’éducation sexuelle”

2nd Place

  • Alina Shimizu-Jozi, Grade 9 Immersion, Kitsilano Secondary, “Les advantages d'être multilingue”

3rd Place

  • Marie-Jeanne Desage, Grade 8 Francophone, Kitsilano Secondary, “L’éducation autour du monde”

Provincial finalists:

  • Danica Selder, Grade 6 Early Immersion, Trafalgar Elementary, “Le pour et le contre d'avoir un petit frère ou une petite soeur”
  • Ayaan Jeraj, Grade 6 Early Immersion, Trafalgar Elementary, “L’intimidation”
  • Lily-Anna Girard, Grade 8 Immersion, Kitsilano Secondary, “Comment la télé-realite montre-t-elle a la société”
  • Ben Thompson, Grade 10 Immersion, Kitsilano Secondary, “L’aviophobie”
  • Gavin Boothroyd, Grade 11 Immersion, Churchill Secondary, “La guerre contre les jeunes”
  • Nerissa Kassis, Grade 12 Early Immersion, Kitsilano Secondary, “L’histoire du thé”