ABA: Community Involvement in Decision-making

A: Foundations and Basic Commitments

It is the policy of the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) to actively encourage and support the development of effective Parent Advisory Councils (PAC’s).  This encouragement and support are provided in a variety of ways, as indicated in the following.

Administrative and Staff Support

Through the office of the Superintendent of Schools, the Board directs and encourages the teaching staff, principals, vice-principals, support staff, and senior management to devote the time and energy necessary to develop an effective advisory process in company with PAC’s and their representatives.

Principals are expected to play a key role in assisting committee activities at the school level, as are the associate superintendents in each of the four administrative areas.

At the district level, the trustees, Superintendent of Schools, and other senior management of the Board actively engage in encouraging and supporting the process.

Communications Support

The Board provides the support necessary for a two-way exchange of information. PAC meetings, special information sessions, and publications support this process.

PAC members and their representatives are encouraged to find out what is happening in their communities, exchange information, and make recommendations to the Board.  Various publications, workshops, and special events support this process.

Considerable staff time and energy are devoted to the communication process, which is further assisted by the liaison school trustee associated with each school.

Specific assistance is provided as follows:

  • the Board supports the activities of PAC’s through funding administered through the office of the associate superintendent - area in consultation with the District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC);
  • additional support is provided through the provision of clerical assistance, printing, duplicating, mail distribution, filing, and general office supplies;
  • assistance is also provided in the organization of special events and meetings planned by the district parent representatives.

Organizational Support

In consultation with parents, guardians, and staff, the Board plans and organizes the framework through which the PAC’s function.

The opportunity to exchange ideas and make recommendations exists at the school level through each advisory council.

The same opportunity exists at the Board level, where the process is encouraged by the liaison trustee associated with each school and by ten parents (DPAC representatives) who are elected to represent the four administrative areas of the city. (The Vancouver school system is divided into four geographic areas for administrative purposes.)

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AB The People and Their School District KM Relations with Parents' Organizations
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