ACA*: Multiculturalism and Anti-racism

Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments

Note:    Many terms used in this policy are explained in the glossary, included in Regulation ACA-R-1. 

The Board of School Trustees (the "Board") acknowledges the racial and cultural diversity of the communities that it serves. Under Canadian laws, all people have the right to their fundamental freedoms and protection from discrimination and racism.

The Board supports the elimination of direct and systemic discrimination and racism. The Board recognizes racism as a form of discrimination that robs society of the full participation of its members.

The Board reaffirms its commitment to eliminating racism and promoting educational and employment equity. Furthermore, the Board supports the development, implementation and evaluation of policies, programs and services that promote and support the principles of Multicultural and Anti-Racism Education.

The Board also acknowledges that all members of the school community; staff; students, parents and other stakeholders, share the responsibility for creating a welcoming and inclusive environment which honours and respects everyone. It is the Board’s responsibility to support all members in their efforts to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

Statement of Principles

In recognition of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the B.C. Human Rights Code and the B.C. Multiculturalism Act, the Board accepts its responsibilities in promoting the spirit of the legislation. Additionally, the Board recognizes that the principles of Multicultural and Anti-Racism Education are also embedded in the Aboriginal Educational Enhancement Agreement to which it is committed. 

The Board is committed to:

Ÿ         providing human, material and financial resources to support the Multicultural and Anti-Racism policy;

Ÿ         eliminating ethnocentrism, prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination and racism in any form;

Ÿ         ensuring that all schools’ Codes of Conducts make explicit reference to the prohibited grounds of discrimination in the BC Human Rights Code;

Ÿ         developing and supporting an environment that affirms, respects, reflects and celebrates the racial, ethno-cultural and religious diversity of our society;

Ÿ         supporting employment equity, through the provision of effective processes to recruit, retain and develop all staff regardless of the race, colour, ancestry, national or ethno-cultural origin or religion;

Ÿ         supporting educational equity* through the provision of quality programs for all learners regardless of their race, colour, ancestry, national or ethno-cultural origin or religion;

Ÿ         creating a workplace environment that values and welcomes diversity.

SMT Responsibility AS-LS

Cross References: 
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Adopted Date: 
Sunday May 28, 1995
Revision Date: 
Feb 1999
Apr 2011