AFD: Evaluation of Support Staff

A: Foundations and Basic Commitments

The development of a strong, competent support staff of employees and the maintenance of high morale among this staff are major objectives of the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”).  The finding of the right employees to fill vacancies, the determination of assignments and equitable work loads, the establishment of wage and salary policies that encourage employees to put forth their best efforts, the evaluation of employee achievements, and the provision of a good atmosphere in which to work are some of the major duties of the Board.  A program of continuous evaluation is necessary in fulfilling these duties.

The employee's supervisor has the responsibility for informing each employee in advance of the criteria to be used in evaluation.

Each employee will be given an explanation of his duties and responsibilities, and the immediate supervisor shall give adequate guidance in performing these satisfactorily.

All support staff will be placed on a performance appraisal cycle that will ensure that the employee's performance is evaluated at least once every three years.

Members of the bargaining units who have supervisory responsibilities may be consulted and may assist the principal or supervisor by giving information about the work of support staff that they supervise in the schools, but they may not be designated as evaluators.

DMT Responsibility: AS-HR

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GDN: Evaluation of Support Staff
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Monday October 18, 1982
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