AFE: Evaluation of Instructional Programs

A: Foundations and Basic Commitments
AFE; also IM

Under the School Act,  "... a superintendent of schools for the school district...shall, under the general direction of the Board, have general supervision and direction over the educational staff ... and shall be responsible for the general organization, administration, supervision, and evaluation of all educational programs..."


Under School Accreditation Regulation 256/94 and the direction of the Minister of Education, the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) shall ensure that all elementary and secondary schools undertake accreditation at least every six years.  To comply with the School Accreditation Regulation, an associate superintendent shall be designated as district officer responsible for accreditation to provide leadership and support for participating schools.  Procedures for accreditation are contained in the Ministry of Education’s B. C. School Accreditation “Guide for Schools” and “Manual”, May 1995.

To comply with these requirements, the Board shall:

  1. submit to the Minister, by January 31 of each year, the proposed list of schools that should undergo accreditation; and                                                                                                                
  2. ensure schools designated for accreditation: appoint an internal team to prepare an internal self-assessment report and a school growth plan for the following five school years; provide the internal self-assessment and the growth plan to the Superintendent of Schools; and take any other action required to effect the accreditation in the manner and within the time line required by the Minister.

Duties of The Superintendent - Accreditation

The Superintendent or delegate shall:

  1. review and provide the Board with a copy of each school’s internal self-assessment report and growth plan, and the external team report;
  2. when satisfied with the documents listed above, approve and send each document to the Minister, with a recommendation that a certificate be granted;
  3. when the external team recommends the preparation of a revised growth plan, direct the school to prepare a strategy to deal with the issues identified in the report, to be submitted by June 30 to the Minister.

Accreditation Progress Reports

The Board shall provide the Minister, by December 31 each year, with a progress report that reviews each school’s progress in meeting the growth plan and accounts for any funding provided for implementation.

Publication of Reports

The Board shall:

  • by June 30 of the school year in which an external team visits a school, provide the Minister with a copy of the internal self-assessment report and the school growth plan, and make available for public inspection at the school a copy of the most recent growth plan, internal self-assessment report, and external team’s report;
  • by December 31 each year, make available for public inspection at the school a copy of the accreditation progress report for that school. 

Based on Board action of 1979 November 19 and current practice

DMT Responsibility: AS-LS

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IF: Curriculum Development, and subcodes; LI: Relations with Educational Accreditation Agencies; IA: Instructional Goals; IK: Academic Achievement and subcodes; IL: Testing Programs and subcodes
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Monday October 18, 1982
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