AI: Acceptable use of Technology

A: Foundations and Basic Commitments

The Vancouver Board of Education (“Board” or “District”) supports the use of information technology and systems for the delivery of educational programs and the business operations of the organization. The Board is committed to providing an accessible, secure and reliable information technology environment for the purposes of teaching, learning and administration. The Board requires acceptable, ethical, responsible and legal use of District Technology that is consistent with this policy and other Board policies including for students, the compliance with their School’s Code of Conduct.

The Board acknowledges that the need to protect the integrity of the school and working environment and the safety and security of students, employees, trustees, parents, guardians, volunteers, and guests, is of paramount importance. The Board expects employees and trustees to use Board provided electronic mail systems when using electronic mail to communicate and conduct school and District related work.

Adopted Date: 
Monday April 18, 2016