BBA-E: School Board Powers and Duties

B: Board Governance and Operations

As a corporate body, the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) may transact business only with a quorum present during a regular or special meeting called in conformity with the School Act.

The Board shall:

  • abide by this Act and the regulations;
  • determine local policy in conformity with this Act for the effective and efficient operation of schools in the school district;
  • delegate those specific and general administrative duties that require delegation to one or more employees of the Board;
  • deduct from the salary of a teacher the amount of the regular annual membership fees payable by the teacher to the British Columbia Teachers' Federation (BCTF) and remit the amount deducted to the BCTF at the times and in the manner the BCTF requires, but the BCTF may, by agreement with the teacher, authorize the Board in writing to deduct from the salary of a teacher a monthly amount that, over the period of the teacher's contract with the Board, will be sufficient to pay the annual fees in full and, if the teacher resigns or is suspended or terminated, the Board shall deduct the entire balance of the fees from the balance of salary owing to the teacher or, alternatively, the Board may, in lieu of deducting the dues under this paragraph, pay the fees for each teacher employed by the Board and, in that case, may require the teacher to execute an irrevocable assignment of his/her salary to the Board for a monthly amount fixed by the Board to recover, during the term of the contract, the amount paid on his behalf;
  • where one or more annual meetings of electors is held under this Act in the school district, cause to be prepared and presented to each meeting a report on the operation of the public schools in the school district for the school year last expired before the meeting and a statement of the educational affairs of the school district and cause to be exhibited to the meeting the last audited account of the receipts and expenditures of all school money; and
  • when necessary or desirable, visit a public school in the school district.

In addition, the Board may:

  • make by-laws, not inconsistent with this Act or the regulations, relative to the organization of meetings of the Board and to any matter over which power or authority is by this Act expressly vested exclusively in the Board, and a copy of each by-law shall be filed with the Ministry;
  • provide, with respect to a school in its district, under rules of the Board approved by the council of the municipality in which the school is situated, a system of school patrols by which pupils may assist in the control of motor vehicle traffic on highways or elsewhere so far as the traffic may affect pupils going to or from the school;
  • authorize the appointment of employees, in addition to teachers, considered necessary by the Board to secure the efficient operation of the public schools of the school district, fix wages or remuneration and, by lawful process, dismiss a person so appointed;
  • become a member of the British Columbia School Trustees Association, and any branch of it, and pay all fees, levies, and dues properly chargeable to the Board by reason of that membership and shall assume, as its obligation, the annual payment of those fees, levies, and dues;
  • make by-laws, not inconsistent with any act or regulations, regulating and controlling the use of property owned or administered by the Board.

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Revision Date: 
Dec 1996