BCEA-R: Board Representatives

B: Board Governance and Operations

Liaison Trustees 

Liaison trustees should keep in close contact with their assigned schools. Some of the following may be helpful in establishing such a contact: 

  • the liaison trustee may wish to communicate with the assigned schools at the beginning of the term, indicating to the principals and staff his or her intention of maintaining as close contact as possible with the schools (the degree to which this will be possible will vary from one trustee to another); 
  • schools should invite the liaison trustee to visit the school and to meet school staff; 
  • schools should include the name of the liaison trustee on the newsletters; 
  • parents, through the Parent Advisory Council and other advisory groups, should invite the liaison trustee to meet with them to discuss matters of mutual interest; 
  • administrative personnel at the district and school level should keep the liaison trustee informed when major changes are planned for his or her school; for example, when the retirement of a principal is made known to the senior management or when there are significant changes in the use of a school, such as the closure of a school or a change in the composition of the school population from a regular school to an alternative school. 

Trustee Representation to Other Organizations 

It is the practice of the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) to appoint Board representatives to various community, professional, and government organizations, and an up-to-date list of these can be obtained from the Secretary Treasurer’s Office, Education Centre.

Most of these appointments are made for one year, and one trustee is usually appointed to each organization.  However, in some cases, more than one representative may be appointed (not necessarily all trustees), and terms may be for longer than one year, in accordance with the practices of the particular organization or agency (see Note). 

Note: As a matter of practice, appointments of liaison trustees and trustee representatives to other organizations are made at the first Board meeting after the inaugural or annual meeting of the Board.  Appointments are made by the Chairperson, in consultation with trustees and senior management.

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Wednesday December 14, 1977
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Oct 1982
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