BDC: Private (Closed) Sessions

B: Board Governance and Operations

As referred to under the By-laws of the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”): 

  • unless otherwise determined by the Board, the following matters shall be considered in private session: 
    • salary claims and adjustments, and the consideration of requests of employees and Board offers with respect to collective bargaining procedures;
    • accident claims and other matters where Board liability may arise;
    • legal opinions respecting the liability or interest of the Board;
    • the conduct, efficiency, discipline, suspension, termination, or retirement of employees;
    • medical examiners or examinations and medical reports;
    • matters pertaining to individual pupils, including conduct, discipline, suspension or expulsion, and truancy, and homeless pupils;
    • staff changes, including appointments, transfers, resignations, promotions, and demotions;
    • purchase of real property, including the designation of new sites, consideration of appraisal reports, consideration of amounts claimed by owners, determination of Board offers, and expropriation procedures;
    • lease, sale, or exchange of real property prior to finalization;
    • matters pertaining to the safety, security, or protection of Board property;
    • such other matters as the Board may decide; 
  • all other matters shall be considered in public session unless the Board shall otherwise determine. 

By-law No. l, Section III, subsection 11 states: 

“A documentary or oral information given or obtained, whether directly or indirectly, to a trustee and characterized by either the Chairperson of the Board, a Standing Committee or the Superintendent as being confidential, shall not be disclosed by any trustee unless the Board authorizes the disclosure of such information.” 

In regard to the confidentiality of private session matters, the Board has adopted the following policy: 

  • private session matters shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the Board By-laws; 
  • at the end of the private session, there will be a review of all the motions that have been passed, and a decision will be made at that time by the trustees as to whether the resolutions should be: 
    • not released; or
    • released;
      • immediately for public interest;
      • through a press release by the Chairperson, the content of the press release to be discussed by the trustees at the meeting;
      • at a subsequent Board meeting by transferring private session minutes to the public session. 
  • it is understood that every effort will be made to maintain the present Board practice of informing individuals involved in Board decisions (e.g. appointees) prior to releasing the information to the public. 

Notes: Trustees-elect are encouraged to attend all open Board meetings prior to taking office;  however, they will not be invited to attend private sessions until they have formally taken their seats on the Board and have made their declaration and oath of office. 

Private sessions are usually held before and after regularly scheduled public sessions, in the manner described in policy BDA-R. 

Minutes of closed sessions are not available for public inspection, unless the Board converts them to open minutes in accordance with 2(a) (iii) of the policy above. 

DMT Responsibility: S-T

Adopted Date: 
Monday March 19, 1979
Revision Date: 
Dec 1996
Jan 1999