BDDF: Voting Method At Board Meetings

B: Board Governance and Operations

All voting of the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) will be by voice, with the exception of election of Board officers when the Board will vote by ballot. A majority vote of members present and voting will be sufficient for taking action, except where a larger majority is required by law or By-law of the Board. 

Because By-law No. 1, Section II, subsection 8 of the Board states: "No act or proceeding shall be valid or binding on the Board unless such act or proceeding shall have been adopted at a meeting called and held...", the Board has set  policies and the following By-law No. 1, Section III, subsection 4-6 and 10 with regard to voting: 

  • “No question shall be determined by the Board unless upon motion of a trustee seconded by another trustee.” 
    • At all meetings of the Board all questions shall be decided by the majority of the votes of the trustees present and voting save as otherwise provided by these By-laws or the School Act. 
    •  Every trustee present at a meeting of the Board, when a question is put, shall vote thereon except that a trustee may abstain from voting. The Chairperson shall have the right to vote, and must vote in the case of an equality of votes. 
    • No trustee shall have more than one vote on any question whether at a meeting of the Board or in Committee of the Whole or any other committee. 
    • In the event of an equality of votes the motion shall be deemed to be negatived. 
    • Notwithstanding clause... (b) above, every trustee present at a meeting of the Board shall vote on all questions which by the provisions of the School Act shall be decided by a vote of two thirds of all the members of the Board.”
  • “The Chairperson shall declare the result of all votes; the names of those who voted for the question, the names of those who voted against the question, and the names of those who abstained from voting on the question shall be entered in the minutes.  Any trustee who fails to vote or abstains from voting shall be considered to have voted on the prevailing side of the question.” 
  • “No question once decided by the Board shall be reconsidered or rescinded during the same calendar year in which the question was decided unless: 
    • By order of the majority of the votes of the members present and voting, and 
    • The motion for any such reconsideration or rescission is brought by a trustee who voted on the prevailing side when the motion was first adopted or rejected. 
  • Provided, however, that nothing in this section shall be construed as depriving any trustee who was not a trustee at the time a decision was reached on a resolution from moving the reconsideration or rescission of such resolution in the same calendar year.” 

Note: By-Law No. 1, Section II, Subsections 1-2 and 7-9 filed under BDDE Rules of Order

DMT Responsibility: S-T

Cross References: 
BBFA: School Board Member Conflict of Interest; BD: School Board Meetings; BDDE: Rules of Order; BF: Board Policy Development; DJ: Purchasing (changes require 2/3 majority)
Adopted Date: 
Monday October 15, 1973
Revision Date: 
Dec 1996
Apr 1998