BFCA: Board Review of Regulations

B: Board Governance and Operations
BFCA; also CHB

The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) reserves the right to review administrative regulations at its discretion, but it shall revise or veto such regulations only when, in the judgment of the Board, they are inconsistent with the Board's adopted policies.  The Board will be provided, as a matter of information, with copies of all major, district-wide regulations issued by the administration. 

Regulations need not be reviewed by the Board in advance of issuance, except where the School Act or its Regulations so require or when strong community attitudes, or particular staff or student interests, make it necessary or advisable for the regulation to have the Board's advance approval. 

Before they are issued, regulations will be properly titled and coded as appropriate to subject, in accordance with the codification system used by the Board for its policy manual, and will be filed in the manual for reference. 

Note: Regulations that have either been determined by the Board itself or that have been set by the administration and then formally approved by the Board are identified in this policy manual by the following lines: "Board approved and issued (date)" or "Current practice codified 1982; Board approved and issued (date)." Regulations issued directly by the administration without formal Board approval are marked "Issued (date)" or "Current practice codified 1982; Issued (date)".  Changes in a Board-approved regulation should be Board approved.

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Dec 1996
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