BK-R: Student Trustee on Vancouver Board of Education

B: Board Governance and Operations



The Student Trustee: 

1.1  is not a member of the Board, is not entitled to vote on any matter before the Board or any of its committees, and does not have the statutory powers or duties of a school trustee under the School Act

1.2  will attend all regular public meetings of the Board but is not entitled to be present at any meetings that are private and/or closed to the public. 

1.3  may attend all meetings of the Board, including standing committee meetings, except private/closed meetings or at which persons other than trustees are excluded. 

1.4  will participate with other trustees in discussions, and provide a student perspective on matters before the Board. 

1.5  will comply with the Student Trustee Conflict of Interest Guidelines in Appendix 1. 

1.6  is not entitled to move a motion, but may suggest a motion on any matter at a meeting of the Board or a committee on which he/she sits. 

1.7  shall have access to all information and resources provided to Board members (e.g.: reports, training sessions, etc.) with the exception of information related to matters which are being considered at a private/closed meeting or from which persons other than trustees are excluded. 

1.8  will present a Student Trustee report at the first regular Board meeting of each month. 

1.9  will report regularly to the students of the VBE, through the Vancouver District Student Council (VDSC), the activities of the Board pertaining to public meetings of the Board and its committees. 

1.10 is encouraged to visit and meet with secondary school students in schools within the Vancouver School District.


To qualify to be nominated and hold the position of Student Trustee, the person must meet the following qualifications: 

2.1  be a student in regular attendance at a VBE secondary school. 

2.2  be 16 years of age or older by December 31 of the school year in which he/she holds office. 

2.3  have parental consent (if under 19 years of age). 

2.4  be a member of the Vancouver District Student Council (VDSC). 


In order to elect a Student Trustee, the VDSC must follow the process outlined below. 

3.1  Each member of the VDSC is eligible to be nominated as a candidate for the position of Student Trustee, subject to section 2 of this Regulation. 

3.2  Candidates interested in election as a Student Trustee will provide members of the VDSC with a personal resume and/or a letter of intent at least forty-eight hours prior to the meeting of the VDSC to select the Student Trustee. 

3.3  Student Trustee candidates will be provided the opportunity to make a five minute presentation to the meeting of the appropriate VDSC meeting. 

3.4  Where there is more than one candidate, the VDSC will select, by secret ballot, the Student Trustee representative from among the candidates. Balloting will continue, dropping off the candidate with the fewest votes, until one candidate achieves a simple majority. 

3.5  VDSC will notify the Secretary-Treasurer of the person elected as Student Trustee. 

3.6  In the event that the Student Trustee leaves office before the completion of his or her term, the vacancy will be filled by a by-election. 


4.1  The Student Trustee will be elected in May/June for the following school year. The term of office of the Student Trustee shall be from September 1st of the year in which he/she is elected and ends June 30 of the following school year. 

4.2  The term of office for the Student Trustee will be one school year. A Student Trustee may be re-elected by the VDSC and may serve a maximum of two years. The Student Trustee will be expected to serve during the school year only. 


5.1  A student trustee will be disqualified from service if he or she: 

a) ceases to be a student in School District 39 (Vancouver). 

b) is absent from three consecutive regular meetings of the Board without permission of the Board. 

c) is convicted of an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada or under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. 

5.2  A student trustee may be disqualified from service if he or she: 

a) breaches the confidentiality of the Board. 

b) is suspended from school for a serious violation of the Code of Conduct or other Board policies or school rules. 


6.1  The Student Trustee will receive an honorarium as determined by the Board from year to year. This honorarium will be pro-rated if a Student Trustee does not serve for the full term. 

6.2  The Student Trustee will be reimbursed for any appropriate receipted expenses incurred as a function of the role, including transportation costs in accordance with Board policies. Further, the Student Trustee will be supported in attending conference opportunities that relate to the role, with a budget for conference expenses to be approved by the Board. 

6.3  The Student Trustee will be supported in attending one out of district conference opportunity per school year that relates to the role, if  they so choose to attend, with a maximum budget of $3000 and in alignment with Board conference expense guidelines.  A request for an out of district conference must be received by the Board for review prior to registration via a proposal that includes proposed expenses.  


7.1  To appoint one elected trustee to act as a mentor for the Student Trustee. 

7.2  To meet with the Student Trustee at the beginning of the school year to discuss their responsibilities and participation.  

7.3  To meet with the VDSC at the beginning of the school year to orient them to the role and expectations of Student Trustee to the Board and to encourage VDSC student representatives to attend VBE Standing and Advisory Committee meetings, and to support the Student Trustee at Board meetings throughout the school year. 

7.4  To acknowledge the service of the Student Trustee to the Board during the second Board meeting in June of each school year. 

7.5  To organize an annual liaison meeting between the Board and VDSC. 

8.    OTHER 

The Student Trustee will not participate in BCSTA events in any formal manner. The Student Trustee may accompany elected trustees to appropriate BCSTA events or orientation and training purposes provided BCSTA does not object.


Appendix 1 – Student Trustee Conflict of Interest Guidelines 

  1. A Student Trustee must not participate in any Board discussion where the Student Trustee may have a conflict of interest or an apparent conflict of interest.
  2. For the purposes of this policy and regulation, the Student Trustee has a conflict of interest when a Student Trustee or their parent(s), spouse, sibling or child has a direct or indirect financial interest in the matter being discussed at the Board or Committee meeting. 
  3. For the purposes of this policy and regulation, the Student Trustee has an apparent conflict of interest where a reasonable member of the public may believe that the Student Trustee’s participation in a discussion at a Board or Committee meeting may have been affected by their private interest.
  4. A Student Trustee who believes that he or she has a conflict of interest must declare the conflict to the Board or the Committee and withdraw from any further participation in the discussion of the matter that gave rise to the conflict.
Adopted Date: 
Monday June 17, 2013
Revision Date: 
Jun 2015
Oct 2016
Sep 2017