BL: Role of Board Chairperson and Vice Chairperson

Section B: School Board Governance and Operations


The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) shall elect one of its members to serve as Board Chairperson, to hold office at the pleasure of the Board. The Board elects the Chairperson in accordance with VBE Bylaw No.1 (i) and policy BCA/BCB: Inaugural and Annual Meetings of the Board/Board Officers.

The Board entrusts to its Chairperson primary responsibility for safeguarding the integrity of the Board's processes and representing the Board as a corporate entity to the broader community.

The Board acknowledges that the Chairperson exercises the same right as other individual members of the Board to offer recommendations/motions, to discuss questions and to cast a single vote there on.

The Chairperson will recognize that no individual authority exists to either make decisions beyond policy created by the Board or to supervise or direct staff.

The Board delegates and assigns to the Chairperson the following powers and duties:

1. Prior to each Board meeting, to confer with the Superintendent and/or Secretary-Treasurer on the items included on the agenda, and to become thoroughly familiar with them.

2. To preside over all Board meetings and ensure that such meetings are conducted in accordance with the School Act, the bylaws, policies and procedures as established by the Board, and, subject to the Bylaws, Robert's Rules of Order.

3. To perform the following duties during Board meetings:

3.1 To ensure that issues being presented for the Board’s consideration are clearly
articulated and explained.

3.2 To ensure that each trustee has a full and fair opportunity to be heard and
understood by the other members of the Board in order that collective opinion
can be developed and a corporate decision reached.

3.3 To direct the discussion by trustees to the topic being considered
by the Board.

4. To convey directly to the Superintendent any concerns or questions as are related to him/her by trustees, parents, students or employees which may significantly affect the administration of the District.

5. To be in regular contact with the Superintendent to maintain a working knowledge of current
issues and events within the District.

6. To bring to the Board all matters requiring a corporate decision of the Board.

7. To act as chief spokesperson for the Board by stating positions consistent with Board decisions and policies (except for those instances where the Board has delegated this role to another individual or group).

8. To act as an ex-officio member of all committees appointed by the Board.

9. To act as a signing officer for the District.

10. To serve as an officer of the Board authorized to witness the use of the Board's corporate seal.

11. To represent the Board, or arrange alternative representation, at Board events, meetings with other levels of government or other organizations or at hearings. When representing the Board at official meetings or in an official function, the Chairperson is limited to speaking for positions the Board has determined through passing motions. The Chairperson will bring back issues to the Board for consideration if the Board has not yet adopted motions on the matter or provided direction. The Chairperson will share with the board all information from meetings with other levels of government or external organizations at which the Chairperson attended as the Board’s representative.

12. To ensure that the Board engages in regular assessments of its effectiveness as a Board.

13. To coordinate the process for trustee appointments to standing committees, school liaison appointments and representatives to organizations and other Board committees.


The Board of Education (“The Board”) shall appoint a Vice Chairperson in accordance with VBE Policy BCA/BCB: Inaugural and Annual Meetings of the Board/Board Officers. The appointment of the Vice-Chairperson shall be on the recommendation of the Chairperson of the Board after the Chairperson has consulted with other trustees.

Specific Responsibilities

1. The Vice-Chairperson shall act on behalf of the Board Chairperson, in the latter's absence and shall have all the duties and responsibilities of the Board Chairperson.

2. The Vice-Chairperson shall assist the Board Chairperson in ensuring that the Board operates in accordance with its own policies and procedures and in providing leadership and guidance to the Board.

3. Prior to each Board meeting, the Vice-Chairperson will become thoroughly familiar with items included on the agenda.

4. The Vice-Chairperson shall be an alternate signing officer for the District and may
serve as an officer of the Board authorized to witness the use of the Board’s corporate seal when the chairperson is unavailable.

DMT Responsibility: ST

Cross References: 
VBE Bylaw No. 1 BBAA: Board member Authority BBF: Board member Ethics BCA/BCB: Inaugural and Annual Meetings of the Board/Board Officers
Adopted Date: 
Monday April 18, 2016