DIE: Audits

D: Fiscal Management

The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) shall appoint an auditor to audit the accounts and transactions of the Board.  The auditor shall possess the qualifications, perform the duties, be granted the powers specified in the School Act, and be remunerated by the Board. 

The duties of the auditor are outlined in the School Act.  Specifically, the auditor shall: 

  • examine the financial statements of the school district as of the close of the preceding fiscal year and the related transactions in the various funds for that year;
  • conduct this examination in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and tests of accounting procedures;
  • render an opinion on the financial statements prepared for the preceding fiscal year by the Secretary-Treasurer (see code DIC);
  • prepare such auditing reports to accompany the financial statements as may be required by law;
  • make recommendations to the Board concerning its accounting records, procedures, and related activities as may appear necessary;
  • perform such other related services as may be requested by the Board or the Minister of Education. 

The auditor shall forward to the Minister a copy of every report made by the auditor to the Board or to any board . 

NOTE:  It is the practice of the Board to bear the full cost of an optional annual audit of secondary school activity funds.

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Cross References: 
DIC Financial Reports and Statements
Adopted Date: 
Monday October 18, 1982
Revision Date: 
Sep 1994
Jan 1999