IGBHA-R: District Programs

Section I: Instructional



A District Program approved by the Board will:

• meet all VSB and Provincial policies and collective agreements;

• be educationally sound;

• fulfill a recognized educational interest;

• have clearly stated procedures for selection of students that are inclusive of all;

• be accessible, regardless of financial means;

• be free from any religious, political or ethnic affiliation;

• not have unreasonable financial implications to the Board; and,

• for academy proposals fulfill the criteria defined in Section 82 of the School Act;

• where applicable have a plan to consider articulation with secondary school programs if the program goes beyond grade 7. 

In general, criteria for selecting students should include the following:

• selection will be based on a variety of sources of data

• academic grades will not be the sole criterion

• vancouver students will be accepted before out-of-district students 

Through examining the needs and interests across the district, Senior Management may propose District Programs for particular school communities. The proposal will be done in consultation with school community stakeholders. 


Step 1. School Principals will notify their Director of Instruction about their school’s interest in pursuing a program proposal

Step 2. The Director of Instruction will provide feedback to the school principal on the school’s expression of interest in pursuing a Choice Program or Academy proposal.

Step 3. The School Principal will submit a proposal using the appropriate District template.

Step 4. The proposal will be reviewed by Senior Management

Step 5. If supported by SMT, the proposal will be presented at Committee III for their consideration

Download a fillable PDF for a District Choice Program Proposal template here

Download a fillable PDF for a District Academy Application template here 

Implementation, Management and Supervision

Implementation will be the responsibility of the Board, in keeping with Board policies and procedures; for example, site and space allocation, selection of students, assignment of staff, advertising of program, etc.

The school-based administrator shall be responsible for the management and supervision of the program, staff, and facilities.

Programs shall have access to the full range of services provided to students and staff in regular programs. 

Monitoring and Program Review

All District Programs shall be monitored throughout the school year by school-based administration.

A review of programs will take place on a regular basis and can be initiated by the program staff, school-based administration and/or district management that oversees the program.

Such programs should be modified or discontinued in accordance with the identified needs of the student population.

Recommendations to modify or discontinue existing programs will be considered by Senior Management and Committee III. Approval must be given by the Board.

DMT Responsibility: AS-DLS

Adopted Date: 
Wednesday January 09, 2013
Revision Date: 
Jul 2013