DN-R: School Properties Disposal Procedure

D: Fiscal Management

Procedures for Items that have Resale Value 

  • A register of approved dealers will be maintained.  These dealers will have given satisfactory proof of financial responsibility. 
  • When material, furniture, or equipment is offered for sale, the Director of Purchasing and Material Services will inform the approved dealers by letter, in duplicate, with a self-addressed envelope.  The letter will describe the items offered, the place and time that  they may be inspected, and the deadline for the submission of bids.  The copy of the letter will be  signed by the dealer or his/her authorized representative and will state in the space provided the amount of the dealer’s bid; this letter will be returned to the Director of Purchasing and Material Services in the self-addressed envelope. 
  • Failure to reply to two successive requests for bids will automatically disqualify the dealer, and the name will be removed from the approved list. 

Sale of Property to Employees 

Certain articles of furniture and equipment no longer of use to the Board are, from time to time, sold to junk dealers or other interested parties.  The Board does not sell such articles to its employees; employees who wish to purchase them must do so only at the dealer's warehouse in non-working hours.  Employees may not purchase such materials directly from Board buildings. 

DMT Responsibility: D-FSS

Revision Date: 
Oct 1982
Sep 1994
Jan 1999