FBC: Safety of Maintenance and Renovation Work

F: Facilities Development

It is the policy of the board to maintain its buildings in a manner that provides a safe physical environment for  staff and students 

To ensure the highest degree of safety, whenever maintenance/renovation work is undertaken, the work will be performed in such a manner as to meet all relevant codes or regulations. In addition, it will be performed in such a manner as to minimize the risk to workers, students and staff. 

Occasionally district staff or outside contractors must perform repairs or address situations that necessitate the use of specialized equipment and procedures, for the control of hazardous materials. 

Where this repair/remediation work falls under a WCB definition of “high risk” work, every effort will be made to schedule the work outside of regular school hours and, where possible, it will be scheduled to be done during weekends or during the winter, spring, or summer recesses.  

Whenever this type of work is performed, the school Principal or Vice-Principal designate will be officially advised and, he/she will advise school staff, as per WCB regulations.  In addition, students and parents will be advised of the nature of the work, the anticipated duration of the project, the safety precautions being taken, and when the work will be performed, except in the case of emergency situations which may arise.

DMT Responsibility: DFSS 

Adopted Date: 
Monday October 21, 2002