FE-R: Facilities Construction

F: Facilities Development

Relationship of Principal to Board-Appointed Architect and Contractor 


It is normal practice to consult the principal when alterations and/or additions are being planned.  The arrangement is made by the associate superintendent - area and the Director of Planning and Facilities, or designates, for the architect to contact the principal.  If it is necessary for a member of the architect's staff to visit a school, he/she will report to the principal before proceeding with his/her work. 


If the principal has suggestions to make or a major complaint, he/she should submit these in writing to the associate superintendent - area or his/her designate. 

If the principal has a minor complaint, he/she should make it to the architect or to the clerk of works on the job. 

In no circumstances should the principal enter into direct discussion with the contractor or his/her foreman.


The architect will notify the Director of Planning and Facilities and Maintenance and Construction Manager in writing, and will send a copy of this letter to the principal when the new or remodelled accommodation may be used.  Please do not use new accommodation until authority is received. 


There is a one-year guarantee on new schools and additions.  It covers new machinery and installations, and runs from the date of substantial completion as certified by the architect.  The heating plant is guaranteed for one full heating season.

If defective installations or materials show up during the guarantee period, the principal should forward a requisition for repairs and, wherever possible, note on same that this is a "defect covered by the guarantee".  This procedure will facilitate prompt handling of requests. 

In an emergency, the principal should telephone the Maintenance and Construction Manager and follow up with a requisition for repairs marked “confirmation - reported to Maintenance and Construction Manager”. 

When the one-year guarantee expires, any work must be requisitioned in the regular way. 

Additional Amenities 

Any item not included in the contract, such as additional shelving, furniture, fixtures, etc., must be requisitioned in the regular way.

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