FL: School Closures - Formerly Retirement of Facilities

F: Facilities Development

The following process will be followed if schools are being considered for closure: 

  • The District Management Team will prepare a preliminary list of schools that might be considered for closure, and post that list on the VSB website to give affected parties advance notice of the consultation process that will apply if the Board decides to consider those or any other schools for closure
  • An administrative report from the District Management Team detailing what schools are being considered for closure will be presented to a joint meeting of Board Standing Committee II - Planning & Facilities and Standing Committee III - Education and Student Services 
  • If consideration for closure is supported by the joint committee, then such recommendation will be forwarded to the next available Board meeting for decision 
  • Any school being considered for closure will be identified and notified 
  • Communication and consultation will include both the school community (staff, students and parents) as well as the general public 
  • Appropriate mechanisms will be provided within the consultation process to allow feedback from both the school community and the public prior to the decision on closure being made 
  • Any decision to close a school will be promptly communicated to both the school and the general public 

The detailed steps, process and timelines for consideration of a school closure are contained in the companion Regulation FL - R School Closure. 

This policy has been established by the Board of School Trustees (Board) and may not be changed except by approval of the Board. 

This policy does not apply to temporary school closures pursuant to section 73(1)(b) of the School Act and section 3(2) of the School Opening and Closure Order. 


Nothing in this policy prevents early communication or consultation with schools, their community or the public on the ongoing planning work within the Vancouver School Board or in relation to its partners as may occur from time to time in the daily conduct of district business. 

DMT Responsability

Cross References: 
DFB: Revenues from School Owned Real Estate (pertains to the Board’s options for dealing with surplus property); FLA*: Annex Closures (rescinded May 2007); FLB*: Secondary School Closures (rescinded May 2007); FLC*-R: Re-opening School Facilities for Local Needs or District
Adopted Date: 
Monday July 09, 1979
Revision Date: 
Oct 1979
Aug 1990
May 2007
Apr 2010