FM: Disposal of Land

Section F: Facilities Development

When land or improvements owned by the Board (collectively "the Real Property") becomes surplus to the needs of the School District, the surplus property may be disposed of in accordance with the School Act, applicable Ministerial Orders and this Policy and related Regulations. 


The Board has the responsibility for the disposal of its Real Property and may, after considering future educational needs and school space requirements for the School District, deem a property no longer required for further educational purposes or other Board purposes and determine to proceed to dispose of such property. In accordance with the School Act and applicable Ministerial Orders, the Board must not dispose of land or improvements by sale or transfer in fee simple or by way of lease of ten years or more unless such disposal is provided for in Ministerial Order M193/08, or is approved by the Minister. The Board can dispose of land or improvements by way of lease, other than a lease of ten years or more, if such disposition is to an agency or organization for an alternative community use. All sales or leases of land or improvements by way of a fee simple transfer or by lease of ten years of more must comply with the Disposal of Land or Improvements Order M193/08.




Adopted Date: 
Monday December 17, 2012