FN: Use of Facilities, Grounds and Equipment

F: Facilities Development

Under the School Act, the Board of Education School District 39 (the “Board”) is responsible for the provision of facilities, grounds and equipment sufficient to conduct the school age education program.  To provide these facilities, planning is required to respond to external and internal demands, including enrolment growth or decline and the expansion, contraction, or relocation of district education programs. 

The following principles should be observed for the use of facilities, grounds and equipment. 

  • School facilities, grounds and equipment are district assets, and the use of these assets will be in accordance with district policy and procedures, in consultation with the school administration. 
  • The first priority for the use of all district assets is to provide an effective and efficient operation of school age education programs. 
  • In addition to the school age education programs, the Board will also consider the use of district assets for other Board programs and services.  Once school age education needs are met, other Board initiatives will have priority use of these district assets. 
  • After the needs of school age education and other Board initiatives are met, the Board supports the use of district assets for non-school purposes, including community and commercial uses. 
  • Non-school uses must not adversely affect the resources available for school age education programs and Board initiatives and can be allowed only at no cost to the Board.  Any non-school uses of district assets must be done on a full cost-recovery basis.  Where appropriate, revenues should be generated from the non-school use of district assets and used to support school age education program and shared with the school, as determined in policies and guidelines. 
  • Environmental, liability, safety, humane, and jurisdictional issues must also be considered prior to any use of district assets.

DMT Responsibility: D-FSS 


Adopted Date: 
Monday November 04, 1996
Revision Date: 
Jun 2012