FNC-R-4: Community and Commercial Use of Facilities and Grounds: Filming and Media Productions

F: Facilities Development

The Board of Education (the “Board”) makes its facilities and grounds available for filming with the understanding that school programs will not be disrupted and that, in addition to the rental rates, all expenses incurred by the Board in renting facilities and grounds will be recovered. All programs are expected to respect and abide by the vision, values and goals of the Board. 

Productions undertaken by the news media are not affected by this policy, unless they are feature or documentary length. 


  • User groups renting school facilities and grounds must comply with City of Vancouver fire by-laws and regulations. These include using only fireproofed props, not exceeding seating capacity and keeping exits clear.
  • Rental fees for the use of Board facilities and grounds are reviewed annually and must include short and long-term capital and all operating costs.  
  • All filming and media productions are required to have a rental contract with the Board, arranged through the Rentals and Leases Department in consultation with the school Principal and other Board departments. 
  • School personnel are not to enter into contractual negotiations concerning such productions. Such contracts are to be drafted and agreed to in accordance with the regulations for the “Community and Commercial Use of Facilities and Grounds”.  
  • Disruptions to the instructional program are to be kept to a minimum.  The use of school facilities and grounds for filming and media productions is not encouraged during school hours unless deemed appropriate by the Principal.   
  • Location personnel may go to schools to take preliminary still shots.  They must identify themselves at the school office and receive permission from the school administration to view specific areas.  
  • The responsibility for the recruitment of production personnel (talent and extras) is the exclusive obligation of the producer.  The same applies to site selection.  Employees of the Board are not to engage in the recruitment process (of either staff or students) or in the initial selection of locations. 


When a site is selected, a letter of intent, the script, and a certificate of insurance for an amount established by the district, must be sent to the Rentals and Leases Department. 

  • The script must first be approved by the Communications Office and then permission received from the school Principal to film in designated areas.
  • Subsequent to receipt of approvals, a contract will be drawn up to be signed. 
  • The total rental charge, in accordance with current rental rates, as well as a deposit to cover the estimated out-of-pocket expenses to be incurred by the Board in servicing the rental, must be paid before filming commences. 
  • A total accounting of costs will be done after filming and a reimbursement or invoice for additional costs will then be issued. 


On occasion, Vancouver School Board (VSB) students may have an opportunity to become involved in productions filmed at a VSB location. If this opportunity does arise, the Principal and the Associate Superintendent will meet to discuss the appropriateness of the production to the students’ learning experience.  

A film or media production involving students is considered appropriate when it reflects the values of the VSB. It is expected that the school follows the above definition of appropriateness when considering a filming project. 

Students are not permitted to take part in fund-raising activities that disrupt their educational program; therefore, filming during school hours exclusively for fund-raising purposes is prohibited.  

Parent/Guardian Approval – Individual Permission from parents/guardians, through a school release/waiver form, will be obtained for students hired for filming during normal school hours (these provisions apply only if the students are taking part in productions that are sited at a VSB school). Forms will be obtained after a parent information meeting which reviews the script and role of students within a media production. 


Payment of Students - Should students be hired by a production company to take part in productions scheduled to occur before or after normal school hours, arrangements for compensation are to be made exclusively between the parties concerned (i.e. the students, their parents or guardians, and the production company).  

In the event that students are retained for such work during normal school hours, (i.e. as part of a drama class where such experience is pertinent to learning), any resulting compensation will be provided to the school at which the students are enrolled. 


The film company will be required as part of their rental contract with the Board to comply with all necessary safety regulations while on school property, including those of the Board, the City of Vancouver, the Workers' Compensation Board, and any others deemed applicable. 

The production company must obtain liability insurance, for an amount established by the district, and provide a certificate of insurance to the Rentals and Leases Department with their application. 


With prior approval of the Board, the film company may make changes to buildings or grounds (e.g. painting), but all changes must be pre-approved and restored by district maintenance staff.  Hook-ups into facility electrical panel boxes must be done by district electrical staff. 

DMT Responsibility: SUPT

Adopted Date: 
Monday November 04, 1996
Revision Date: 
Nov 2012