ICA-R: School Calendar

I: Instruction

The School Act sets the conditions under which standard and local school calendars must be adopted (ICA).  School Calendar Regulation 114/02 was enacted to enable schools, families, and members of the broader community to plan activities within a framework that sets out the opening and closing dates of school, the holidays and vacation periods, and the number of days and hours of instruction students are to be provided within the school year.

Local School Calendar Application Process 

Application Process 

The School Principal must discuss with the Associate Superintendent – Area, the application proposal for a Local School Calendar. The discussion will include a review of the Agreed Upon Principles and an understanding that the school application is within the consideration of “very exceptional circumstances”. 

The school will prepare a written application for Board Approval which must be endorsed at the school and community level as per the procedures below and submitted according to the published timeline.

School Application 

The school will prepare a written application which will include:

  1. statement of purpose
  2. discussion of any impact of the schedule change to employee groups and students in consultation with District Staff based on consideration of the Agreed Upon Principles (see attached)
  3. rationale for consideration of “very exceptional circumstances” 

The school will prepare an outline of the proposed Local School Calendar which will adhere to legislative requirements following the School Act and School Calendar Regulation. The proposed calendar will include a detailed instructional schedule as per Section 5(1) of the School Calendar Regulation. (see Captain Vancouver template attached) 

The application will be presented at a formal meeting of school staff. 

The application will be presented to parents and endorsed through the following process.

Endorsement of Proposal 

The proposal must be supported by the school staff, the administration and a majority of the parents of the school who vote*.

  • A meeting of parents will be held for the purpose of presenting and discussing the Local School Calendar proposal.
  • At least 30 days notice of the meeting shall be provided to parents through distribution of notices to students enrolled in the school.
  • Under the direction of the school principal, the school will accommodate a ballot and voting process. This process will be developed and supervised in consultation with PAC Executive. It must include an agreed upon “Electors List” of parents eligible to vote, and a strict monitoring system for distributing and accounting for returned ballots.
  • Each child enrolled in the school shall generate one ballot to be returned by the child’s parent/guardian.
  • Translation services will be provided. Written and verbal translation as required.

*At least 75% of the distributed ballots shall be returned for counting.

At least 67% of the total number of ballots returned by the parents are in favour of the proposed change.

The number of ballots cast and the number voting in support of and against the proposal shall be included in the application to the Associate Superintendents – Area.


September – November

  • Discussions between Principal and Associate Superintendent Area
  • School Process – school/community consultation and parent voting


  • Applications reviewed by Committee of Associate Superintendents – Area
  • Supported applications forwarded to District Management Team (DMT) for recommendation to Committee I/Committee III


  • Applications reviewed by Committee I/Committee III and forwarded to Board of Trustees for approval. Thirty days notice will be given to each school community prior to the Public Board Meeting where the local school calendar will be discussed. 


  • Applications reviewed by Board of Trustees. Decision of Board of Trustees is final and Local School Calendar effective for forthcoming school.

 Once established the Local School Calendar is in effect until such time a request is made to either:

  • return to a Standard Provincial Calendar; or,
  • develop a new Local School Calendar.

Any change or revision to an approved Local School Calendar requires completion of the application and endorsement process as per this Policy.  

Local School Calendar

Application Process Checklist For School Principals


  • Discuss Local School Calendar option with Associate Superintendent-Area
  • Review “Agreed Upon Principles” 


  • Develop written application according to School Act (Section 78.1) and School Calendar Regulation (Section 5) 
  • Complete School Calendar Template 
  • Discuss application with School Staff at a Staff Meeting 
  • Issue meeting notice to parents (30 days notice required)


  • Meet with parents (provide 30 days notice of meeting)
  • Develop balloting and voting process 


  • Submit Application Package to Committee of Associate Superintendents – Area
  • Written application
  • Calendar Template
  • Staff endorsement
  • Parent endorsement and ballot results 


  • Attend Committee I/ Committee III Meeting 
  • Provide 30 days notice to School Community of Public Board Meeting 


  • Attend Board Meeting 


  • Communicate School Calendar Information to Parents by 31 May

Local School Calendar

School Application Checklist 

  1. An application for Local School Calendar must include the following: 
  2. Written statement of purpose and/or reason for school change to a Local School Calendar.
  3. Key points taken from discussions with employee groups, students and district staff with regard to consideration of the Agreed Upon Principle
  4. Rationale to support consideration of “very exceptional circumstances”.
  5. Completed Annual School Calendar template (as per attached sample “Captain Vancouver School”.
  6. Sample ballot used to obtain community endorsement of proposal
  7. Results of ballot process (# of ballots distributed and returned. # in favour of change to Local School Calendar)

Sample Ballot

School Calendar Representational Committee

April 2004 – December 2004 


Gary Little, Associate Superintendent, Chairperson

Paul Wlodarczak, Director, Human Resources                      

Grace Eadie, VASSA

Joseph Lau, CUPE 15                                                          Chris Merrick, CUPE

Gail Horton, CUPE 15                                                          Karen Chalmers, VEPVPA

Ken Baker, DPAC                                                                Patricia Gudlaugson, VESTA

Bill Bargeman, VSTA                                                            Jennifer Cook, PASA (Recorder)

Doug Oates, Trades                                                           Tim DiVivo, IUOE 963         

Mike Potts, CUPE 407

Agreed Upon Principles

An application for Local School Calendar is required to adhere to the following principles:

  • should have educational value to learner
  • will consider impact on families and communitie
  • should not be conducted as a cost savings measure
  • will only be implemented with agreement from all employee groups
  • will not result in lost wages/benefits to any continuing part/full time employee
  • will consider employee wellness and/or staff morale as a potential benefit
  • will not be adopted to accommodate Staff Professional Development
  • will consider impact on current programs and facilities
  • will be adopted for the whole district – except in very exceptional circumstances

DMT Responsibility: AS-M

Cross References: 
ICA-E: Schedule 1, Standard School Calendar; ID: School Week; ID-R: Elementary Modified Week; IKAA: Final Examinations;
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Sep 1994
Feb 1996
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