ID-R: School Week

I: Instructional

Schools in School District #39 shall operate on a Standard Provincial School Calendar as set out in the School Act and School Calendar Regulation. Schools shall be in session the required minimum number of hours of instruction per day as set in the School Calendar Regulation (Section 8.2). 

Schools may apply to the Associate Superintendents-Area, to operate on a “Modified Week Schedule” with the proviso that two (2) hours shall be the greatest allowable amount of time modification per week and that any change is supported by consideration of educational rationale.  Except where schools are given special permission, Elementary Schools will not start instruction before 08:30 hours or continue after 15:30 hours. Secondary Schools will not start instruction before 08:00 hours or continue after 17:00 hours. 

Application Process for Modified Week

The School Principal must discuss with the Associate Superintendent – Area, the application proposal for a Modified Week Schedule. The discussion will include a review of the educational rationale for any proposed schedule change.

The school will prepare a written application for approval by a committee of Associate Superintendents – Area, which must be endorsed by the school and community as per the procedures below and submitted according to the published timeline.

School Application

The school will prepare a written application which will include:

  • statement of purpose
  • discussion of any impact of the schedule change to employee groups, students and families
  • consideration of the educational rationale for the proposed change 

The school will prepare an outline of the proposed Modified Week Schedule which will adhere to legislative requirements for the Standard Provincial School Calendar as established by the School Calendar Regulation. A school calendar template will be completed showing consideration for planned non-instructional time, and any additional modifications required to accommodate the Modified Week Schedule within the Standard Provincial Calendar. (template attached) Note: Modified Week schedules may not be used to develop Local School Calendars. 

The application will be presented at a formal meeting of school staff. 

The application will be presented to parents and endorsed through the following process. 

Endorsement of Proposal 

The proposal must be supported by the school staff, the administration and a majority of the parents of the school who vote*.

  • A meeting of parents will be held for the purpose of presenting and discussing the Modified Week Schedule proposal.
  • At least thirty days notice of the meeting shall be provided to parents through distribution of notices to students enrolled in the school.
  • Under the direction of the school principal, the school will accommodate a ballot and voting process. This process will be developed and supervised in conjunction with PAC Executive. It must include an agreed upon “Electors List” of parents eligible to vote, and a strict monitoring system for distributing and accounting for returned ballots.
  • Each child enrolled in the school shall generate one ballot to be returned by the child’s parent/guardian.
  • Translation services will be provided. Written and verbal translation as required. 

*At least 75% of the distributed ballots shall be returned for counting.

At least 67% of the total number of ballots returned by the parents are in favour of the proposed change.

The number of ballots cast and the number voting in support of and against the proposal shall be included in the application to the Associate Superintendents – Area. 


September – February

  • Discussions between Principal and Associate Superintendent Area
  • School Process – school/community consultation and parent voting 


  • Applications reviewed by Committee of Associate Superintendents – Area 


  • Decision of Associate Superintendents – Area communicated to school community. Modified School Week Schedule effective for forthcoming school year. 


  • Annual School Calendar published for parents by May 31st 

Once established the Modified Week Schedule is in effect until such time a request is made to either:

  • return to the Standard Provincial minimum number of hours of instruction per day; or,
  • develop a new Modified Week Schedule. 

Any change or revision to an approved Modified Week Schedule requires completion of the application and endorsement process as per this Policy.  

Modified Week

Application Process Checklist For School Principals 


  • Discuss Modified Week proposal with Associate Superintendent-Area 
  • Review “Educational Rationale” 


  • School collaborative process involving staff, parents and community 
  • Develop written application to adhere with Standard Provincial Calendar and School Calendar Regulation. 
  • Consider schedule of non-instructional days and complete Annual School Calendar Template 
  • Discuss application with School Staff at a Staff Meeting 


  • Meet with parents (provide 30 days notice of meeting) 
  • Develop ballot and voting process in conjunction with PAC 


  • Submit Application Package to Committee of Associate Superintendents – Area
  • Written application
  • Calendar Template
  • Staff endorsement
  • Parent endorsement and ballot results 


  • Communicate Decision
  • Distribute School Calendar to Parents by 31 May 


School Application Checklist 

An application for Modified Week must include the following: 

  1. Written statement of purpose and/or reason for school change to a Modified Week.
  2. Key points taken from discussions with employee groups, students and district staff with regard to consideration of any impact from the schedule change. 
  3. Educational rationale to support consideration of proposed change. 
  4. Completed Annual School Calendar template (as per attached sample “Captain Vancouver School”.) 
  5. Sample ballot used to obtain community endorsement of proposal. 
  6. Results of ballot process (# of ballots distributed and returned. # in favour of change to Local School Calendar)

 Sample Ballot

 Captain Vancouver School


Please put an X in one box only. 

____ YES, I/We agree to change to a Modified Week Schedule as follows:

Monday – Thursday 8:40 am – 3:05 pm

Friday 8:40 am – 12:05 pm 

____NO, I/We do not want a Modified Week Schedule.  I/We would like the Standard School Week of:

Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm 

DMT Responsibility: AS-M


Adopted Date: 
Monday April 02, 1990
Revision Date: 
Sep 1994
Feb 1998
Nov 2005