IF: Curriculum Development

I: Instructional

The provincial prescribed curriculum developed by the Ministry of Education forms the basic program of studies for most students.  As authorized by the Ministry, additional locally-developed courses may be offered by the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) to ensure that programs meet the needs of all Vancouver students.  The Board supports the Ministry of Education’s commitment to provide a high-quality education to all students, regardless of their abilities, goals, or career aspirations.  The Board will support district and school staffs to set high standards for student achievement and to offer a balanced and relevant curriculum.  The District Learning Services Division is responsible for curriculum initiatives, curriculum management, and curriculum resources within the district. 

Locally Developed Courses 

Schools that are proposing a new locally developed course shall participate in district-sponsored developers’ workshops and shall complete course outlines to illustrate the distinct nature of the course, its educational relevance, its aim or purpose, the central concepts/topics, anticipated learning outcomes, student activities and associated learning resources, and student assessment/course evaluation suggestions.  All locally developed courses must receive approval of senior management and the Board.  Copies of the approval and the local program must be forwarded to the Minister of Education for information and record-keeping purposes. 

The district annually prepares and publishes a guide to locally developed courses.  This guide, titled Annual Summary of Locally Developed Courses, is available from the District Learning Services Division. 

Curriculum Learning Resources 

The Board, through the District Learning Services Division, shall support school staffs in developing learning resources to facilitate implementation of new and revised curricula and to respond to local needs for curricular materials.  Teachers are encouraged to be involved in such development and frequently participate as “writing teams” for specific projects.   

The Board supports a reciprocal relationship with other educational jurisdictions, wherein locally developed curriculum materials are shared. 

DMT Responsibility: AS-DLS

Cross References: 
IIA: Instructional Materials (Selection of Learning Resources); KLB: Public Complaints about theCurriculum and Instruction Materials
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Monday July 11, 1977
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Nov 1981
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