IGA: Basic Instructional Program

I: Instructional

The curriculum will meet the requirements established by the School Act, the Regulation, and the directives of the Ministry of Education.  In addition, as permitted under the School Act, the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) will provide a number of locally developed courses designed to allow individual schools to be responsive to the particular needs of students in their communities. 

The ultimate aim of all instructional programs in Vancouver schools - the basic program required by the Ministry as well as the locally developed programs - will be the development of each student's maximum ability to read well, write legibly, spell accurately, listen attentively, speak clearly, think critically, use basic mathematical computational skills, observe carefully, solve problems, participate effectively in groups, keep healthy, enjoy the creative and performing arts, and lay the foundation for a satisfying life. 

To this end, the various instructional programs - elementary as well as secondary - will be developed with the view toward creating a balanced, integrated, and carefully sequenced curriculum that will serve the educational needs of all school-aged students in the district. 

It is the policy of the Board to provide instructional programs to teach English to students who have a language other than English as their primary language.  The Board also provides programs designed and adopted for exceptional students, including students with  physical and learning disabilities as well as students with exceptional gifts and talents. 

Locally Developed Courses 

Under the School Act, the Board has the authority: “...subject to the orders of the Minister to approve educational resource materials and other supplies and services for use by students."  Although the final decision regarding the approval of locally developed courses is the responsibility of the Board, the school district is required to file outlines of all approved locally developed courses with the Ministry. 

Locally developed courses may not be used to replace - only to supplement - required courses. 

The  District Learning Services Division is responsible for co-ordinating and overseeing the development, approval, and implementation of locally developed courses. 

To this end, a number of procedures have been developed and approved by the Board to guide the professional staff in planning locally developed courses and submitting them to the Board for approval.  These procedures are published by District Learning Services (see ‘Note’ below), and should be observed by professional staff.  School staffs are encouraged to provide on-going evaluation of locally developed courses and to keep the Director of District Learning Services informed of such evaluations. 

Note: Summary of Locally Developed Courses, a booklet published annually by District Learning Services, outlines procedures for planning and proposing locally developed courses and includes a list of the locally developed courses currently offered in the district.  It is available from the District Learning Services office. 

DMT Responsibility: AS-DLS

Cross References: 
AD: Educational Philosophy; IF: Curriculum Development; IG: Curriculum Design subcodes (all pertain to curriculum); IGB: Special Instructional Programs and Accommodations and subcodes (all pertain to special instructional programs)
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Monday October 18, 1982
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Aug 1990
Sep 1994
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