IGAD/IGADA: Career Programs

I: Instructional


The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) supports career programs that integrate classroom learning with practical experience in the workplace.  These programs link the resources of secondary schools, business/industry, and the community to provide senior students with educational experiences that prepare them for the transition from school to further study and/or work. 


The Board believes that co-ordination of career programs is required both at the district and school level to ensure that: 

  • Ministry of Education requirements for programs are met,
  • Board regulations and guidelines are followed,
  • parental understanding and consent is secured,
  • all students receive appropriate preparative instruction for off-campus work experience,
  • the required forms and authorizations are completed and processed,
  • appropriate supervision and evaluation is provided and accurate records are kept,
  • employer support is developed and maintained,
  • new programs are developed as required by students and the Ministry,
  • labour market and post secondary information is provided and used as a basis for  program development and promotion. 

Work Experience 

  • The Board believes that work experience supports classroom learning in all curricular areas.  The Board recognizes work experience as creditable units that must be supervised, assessed, and reported following standard procedures. 
  • The Board recognizes that students on work experience off campus are in attendance at school. 

DMT Responsibility: D-CES

Adopted Date: 
Monday June 17, 1996
Revision Date: 
Oct 2000