IGAF: Physical Education - Secondary Level

I: Instructional

The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) considers it essential that every student participate in programs of physical education (PE) and directs that PE curricula appropriate to the student's physical conditions, age, acquired skills, and previous instruction be taught in Vancouver schools. 

Health records will be maintained by school nurses for use by nurses and teachers as part of the overall school health program, administered in conjunction with the Health Department under the supervision of the school medical officer and the public health nurse assigned to the school health program.   These professionals are available for consultation and referral of students according to procedures agreed upon between Vancouver schools and the Health Department (see policy JHC - Student Health Services). 

It is the goal of the Board to provide the necessary personnel, facilities, and equipment to give students PE programs that enable them to develop physical vigour and good health. 

All students are required to participate in appropriate PE classes at grades 8-10. 

It is recognized that some students require modifications to the PE curriculum because of their unique physical or developmental state.  However, it is vital that all students participate to the best of their ability. 

Note: Insofar as facilities and trained personnel are available, the Board supports daily PE for elementary students in the Vancouver schools. 

DMT Responsibility: AS-DLS

Cross References: 
IGAH: Family Life Education; IGAI: Sex Education; IGDI: Intramural Programs; IGDJ: Interscholastic Athletics; JHC: Student Health Services and Requirements
Adopted Date: 
Monday October 18, 1982
Revision Date: 
Sep 1994
Jan 1999