IGBF: Second Language Instruction

I: Instructional

The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) supports the offering of second language instruction in all its schools. Where educationally and financially feasible, a range of languages will be made available for students, as outlined in the Ministry of Education Language Education Policy and Guidelines. To this end, the Board affirms aspects of the Ministry Policy: 

  • There is a valuable contribution made to language education by the various Heritage Language programs offered outside the public school system. The Language Education Policy is not intended to replace these programs, but rather to encourage the provision of second languages within school systems to students who may not have prior knowledge and cultural background in these second languages”;  
  • Second Languages are, for the purpose of the Language Education Policy, offered in the school system with curriculum designed for students with little or no previous knowledge or ability to speak the language; 
  • Secondary students who have studied the language previously and/or who have considerable fluency in the language should be encouraged to seek credits through equivalency or challenge;  
  • Core French will be the language offered unless a community requests an alternative.  An individual school community wishing to have a language other than French taught as the second language in their school shall follow the Vancouver School Board’s “Procedures for Consideration of a School-Based Proposal for an Alternative Language Program from Grades 5-8". (See Regulations)

The Vancouver School Board will continue to make space available for external Heritage Language programs

French Immersion Programs 

The Board supports language instruction through French district immersion programs from Kindergarten through Grade 12. In French Immersion, French is the language of instruction in a range of subjects. 

The Board supports the growth of French Immersion programs. Where sufficient numbers warrant and facilities are available, additional entry level classes will be opened.

Bilingual Mandarin Programs 

The Board supports language instruction through both the Early Mandarin Bilingual Program and the Mandarin Bilingual Program. These programs are intended for students for whom Mandarin is a second language. 

Current practice codified 1982      

DMT Responsibility: AS-DLS

Adopted Date: 
Monday October 18, 1982
Revision Date: 
May 1984
Aug 1990
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