IGBG: Homebound Instruction

I: Instructional

Home Instruction (And Provincial Resource Programs - Hospital Instruction) 

Limited home instruction is provided for students who are expected to be absent from school for a minimum of three weeks due to illness, accident, and medical or emotional handicaps. 

Home instruction teachers will follow as closely as possible the student’s school program as determined by the classroom teacher. 

Provincial Resource Programs - Hospital Instruction 

The following provincial resource programs provide educational support for a small number of students who require a hospital setting: 

  • Shaughnessy Hospital Adolescent Psychiatric Unit,
  • B. C.Children’s Hospital Psychiatric Educational Unit,
  • G. F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre School,
  • B. C. Children’s Hospital School,
  • Sunny Hill School,
  • Canuck Place. 

Admission guidelines are contained in Regulation IGBG-R.  

DMT Responsibility: AS-DLS

Cross References: 
IGBA: Programs for Disabled Students; IGBA-R Regulations
Adopted Date: 
Friday April 01, 1977
Revision Date: 
Oct 1982
Aug 1990
Feb 1996
Feb 1999