IGBG-R: Homebound Instruction

I: Instructional

Procedures for Requesting a Home Instruction Teacher 

When a child is expected to be absent from school for three weeks or more due to illness, accident, and medical or emotional handicaps, one of the procedures outlined below should be followed to request a home instruction teacher. 

  • Parents should ask their family doctor to contact the  School Program Co-ordinator, Vancouver/Richmond Health Board, 1060 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., V6H 1C4, telephone 736-2033.  If the family doctor and the School Program Co-ordinator  agree that the child will benefit from home instruction, the Co-ordinator will notify the  Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) District Learning Services Division, which in turn will arrange for a home instruction teacher. 
  • A Board employee may contact the District Learning Services Division. 
  • The Administrator - District Learning Services may recommend home instruction. 

Placement in a Hospital Provincial Resource Program 

  • Shaughnessy Hospital Adolescent Psychiatric Unit:  for students, 13-19 years of age, who are in-patients in the psychiatric unit; admission is through referral by family physician or psychiatrist. 
  • B. C. Children’s Hospital Psychiatric Educational Unit:  for students, 6-13 years of age, who are in-patients in the psychiatric unit. 
  • G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre School:  for secondary students who have recently transferred from hospital settings to the Rehabilitation Centre; admission  is through referral by a medical doctor. 
  • B. C. Children’s Hospital School:  for elementary and secondary students who are in-patients to Children’s Hospital.
  • Sunny Hill School:  for students under long-term care or who are admitted for respite care; admission is through direct screening referral to the Low Incident Support Team, District Learning Services Division.  
  • Canuck Place:  for elementary and secondary students and their families, students are admitted with progressive, life-threatening illness requiring respite and palliative care. 

DMT Responsibility: AS-DLS

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Friday April 01, 1977
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Sep 1994
Feb 1996
Feb 1999