IGBHA: District Programs


The Board recognizes its obligation, consistent with the School Act and provincial legislation, to provide an educational program for all students of school age. Further, the Board believes the neighborhood school is of prime importance in the delivery of educational services.

It is the goal of the Board to offer programs promoting excellence in instruction, optimal achievement and expanded choice for all students. The ability of the Board to be responsive to such goals is nevertheless dependent on financial considerations and the availability of space.

The Board will offer District Programs that respond to the needs and interests of students. The programs are to be financially viable and support Ministry and Board goals for intellectual, personal, social and career development.

District Programs will be of three types:

1.   Special Education Programs are established by the Board for students who require specialized instruction, smaller group settings, and support staff due to their learning and/or social-emotional needs. The Board, to the extent possible, will establish programs to meet these identified needs. Students are generally referred to these programs by district and/or school staff.

2.   Alternate Resource Programs are established by the Board, to the extent possible, for students who have learning, social-emotional needs, and require a smaller alternative setting and support staff to achieve success in a school setting. Students are generally referred to these programs by school staff, parents or the student. 

3.   Choice Programs inclusive of mini schools and academies are established by the Board in response to identified students’ educational interests. Each Choice Program is attached to a main school, but provides a more enriched learning environment which is unique in structure, philosophy and focus. All Choice Programs are established with Board approval. Students apply to these programs. 

DMT Responsibility: AS-DLS

Adopted Date: 
Friday February 01, 2013
Revision Date: 
Jul 2013