IGCG: Home Schooling

I: Instructional

Under the provision of Section 12 of the School Act

"A parent of a child who is required to enrol in an educational program provided by a board under section 3 may (a) educate the child at home or elsewhere in accordance with this Division, and (b) must provide that child with an educational program." 

Parents/guardians are required to register home-school students by September 30 of each year with a public, independent, or correspondence school.  Failure to register a child is an offence under the School Act.  Anyone who has reason to believe that a home-school student is not so registered or is not receiving an educational program has the power to report this to the Superintendent of Schools.  The Superintendent has the duty to investigate the allegation. 

If a parent fails to register a child and refuses to do so after being advised by the Superintendent of the obligation to do so, the Superintendent has a duty to notify the police. 

If a parent fails to provide an educational program and a child is in need of protection, the Superintendent has a duty to report the matter to  the Regional Operating Officer, Ministry for Children and Families. 

Parents have the right to select an educational program most suited to their child's needs, together with the accompanying responsibility to provide the home-school student with an appropriate "educational program," with minimum intervention from the Ministry of Education. 

The school at which the home-school student is registered does not have the authority to supervise the educational program, unless requested to do so by the parent/guardian.  However, that school does have the duty to offer evaluation and assessment services for which a fee may be charged.  The school also has the duty to make available educational resource materials to the home school student on a similar basis as to students in the regular school system.

A child who is registered as a "home-school student" may not participate in the regular educational programs offered by the district at the school of registration. 

Re-entry into regular programs of the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) should be age-appropriate and in accordance with normal guidelines. 

DMT Responsibility: AS-DLS


Adopted Date: 
Monday November 02, 1992
Revision Date: 
Sep 1994
Feb 1999