IGCG-R: Home Schooling

I: Instructional

Procedures for Registering Home School Students 

Principals register home-school students on the regular registration record, noting on the record card "HS" for Home Schooler, and send a copy to District Learning Services where a central district register is kept. 

The principal also includes the home-school student on the Ministry's form 1701 and sends it to Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) Information Systems, who transmit the information to the Ministry of Education. 

Entitlement of Home School Students 

In accordance with the School Regulation and Minister of Education Orders, the principal shall offer the following to the home-school student. 

  • "Evaluation and assessment services sufficient to enable them to determine the educational progress achieved by the child in relation to students of similar age and ability." 

These services will normally be limited to standardized achievement tests and provincial assessment instruments.  Children requiring diagnostic or psychological tests will be referred to other community agencies, such as the Vancouver Health Department.  If further diagnostic or psychological testing is to be provided by the Board, the administrator of the school at which the home school student is registered will make a referral to the Area Learning Services Team  who will contact the family and arrange for the appropriate testing of the home school student, for which a fee may be charged. 

  •  “The loan of educational resource materials, sufficient to enable the child to pursue an educational program.”  

It is recommended that resource materials be limited to text books and other provincially authorized and recommended resource materials.  Parents agree in writing, at the time of registration, to be financially responsible for the cost of replacement of lost and damaged materials and library books.

  • Home-school students registered at a school should be entitled to B.C. Transit student identification cards, where applicable. 

Access to Library Resources 

  • Students registered with a school for home schooling may borrow educational resource materials from the library resource centre. 
  • Students registered with a school for home schooling may work in the library resource centre. 
  • Limited services will be provided by the library resource centre. 

The specific conditions for access to library resources are clarified in Administering the School Resource Centre - Handbook of Procedures

DMT Responsibility: AS-DLS

Adopted Date: 
Monday November 02, 1992
Revision Date: 
Sep 1994
Feb 1999