IGD: Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Programs

I: Instructional

The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) recognizes that activities and events for students outside the regular classroom instructional program - provided such activities and events are properly planned, conducted in a safe environment, and appropriate for the students' age groups -  are a valuable part of education.  The Board supports such extra-classroom activities and will attempt to make them available to students.  It is the intention of the Board that each student have a balanced program of academic studies and extra-classroom activities, and that the school, the parents, and the students themselves work together in achieving such a balanced program. 

The following may be considered extra-curricular activities suitable for school-age youngsters: 

  • student government and its related activities and organizations;
  • music festival or contests, speech contests, debates, and dramatics contests;
  • organized activities that are part of interscholastic and intramural sports;
  • all types of interscholastic competition;
  • special-interest and leisure clubs. 

The Board approves specific extra-curricular activities through the authority it extends through the Superintendent of Schools to the school principals who shall authorize, administer, and oversee them in keeping with this policy and applicable district- and school-level regulations. 

Charges and Collections of Extra Activities in Schools 

Assuming that the curriculum makes adequate provision for the students' aesthetic education in music, art, literature, drama, and other arts, and that the time allotted to the curriculum is no more than adequate, the Board directs the following list. 

  • Activities that arise from outside the educational system and that hinder curriculum instruction in the school shall not be permitted unless approved by the Board.  However, the principal may request, through the Superintendent, the Board's approval of any activity which he/she considers related to the curriculum and desirable.
  • The principal has the right to arrange for such lectures and programs as may be considered by him/her to be part of the curriculum, a report of which shall be forwarded to the Superintendent. 
  • No program by an artist or organization that requires payment by the students or the school, or that entails the sale of tickets by the students, shall be permitted unless approved by the Board through the Superintendent. 
  • Any organization whose program has been approved by the Board may receive the co-operation of the schools, but the program and the sale of tickets must not interfere with instructional time. 
  • No tickets shall be sold on school premises for other than bona fide school activities, except as provided for in  the last two items. 

DMT Responsibility: AS-LS

Cross References: 
IGD: Subcodes - all pertain to student activities; JFBA: Student Government
Adopted Date: 
Monday October 18, 1982
Revision Date: 
Sep 1994
Jan 1999