IGDI/IGDJ-E: Intramural Programs/Interscholastic Athletics

I: Instructional

We believe your parents should express their wishes regarding your participation in lnterschool Athletics.                                                    

The form below should be signed by your father, mother or guardian in the presence of a witness and must be returned to the Principal's office before you may participate in lnterschool Athletics. 

A separate form is required for each sport. 


(please print) 

SPORT________________________________________ DATE _____________ 

NAME OF STUDENT ____________________________________________

Surname                                first Name 

ADDRESS _______________________________ TELEPHONE _____________ 

SCHOOL __________________________________ GRADE ____________ 

I believe my son/daughter, named above, to be physically fit to take part in this lnterschool game/athletic activity, and I give permission for him/her to do so. 


         SIGNATURE ____________________                    Parent or Guardian


                                                             SIGNATURE ____________________                                    Witness 

                                                             (one parent may "witness" the signature of the other)